The Hornblower Mission

Clients Always Come First

Hornblower will take the initiative to help each client fulfill his/her immediate needs and expectations by our extra effort. We will accomplish our mission in a manner that develops and maintains our reputation for quality and integrity within our industry and community, and we will not conduct ourselves in ways that would conflict with the interests of our clients.


In addition to putting our clients interests before our own, Hornblower believes that we can better serve our clients by investing in our most important resource: people of quality, intelligence, integrity and professionalism. This investment enable us to go beyond the traditional role of the consulting and investment management business to create intelligent partnerships with each individual client.


We commit to an organization that shares the following principles:

  • Understanding our clients' businesses and interests and striving to exceed their needs
  • Doing everything with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and honesty
  • Creating a rewarding and enriching environment for our employees, consulting professionals and their families
  • Providing innovative solutions for business growth and client investment strategies
  • Expanding our leadership in the industry
  • Giving back to the community in countless ways - large and small
  • Approaching our business with enthusiasm and a sense of humor