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Henry Hornblower - 1924

Hornblower & Company ("Hornblower") is a  family office that provides consulting services,  access to private and public capital, management expertise, and advisory services to special situations companies, clients, and infrastructure projects. Our mission is to invest operating expertise and capital in companies that specialize in broadly defined "sustainable," "green," infrastructure and healthcare projects and technologies. The investment and consulting strategy is to work with talented and driven entrepreneurs, inventors, and project managers to add significant value to their companies and  projects and deliver big environmental, sustainable, or health care benefits to shareholders and communities alike. The Hornblower team is comprised of experienced professionals with diverse skill sets, including corporate finance and restructuring, quality control construction, turnaround management, business operations and systems, and legal and intellectual property expertise with specific experience in the industries listed below. Hornblower focuses on the following activities where it can best leverage its unique expertise and extensive domestic and international contacts. We are not broker dealers; we integrate into our client companies with large, global infrastructure projects, and provide each with long term, multi-disciplinary, "client first" consulting services.


Special Situation Investing

1958 - 70th Anniversary

Hornblower generally focuses on companies and projects that already have or soon will generate significant revenue and have excellent growth prospects. Generally we prefer companies that have the following attributes: substantial growth prospects; one or more great customers; the potential to lead their market; a sustainable competitive advantage often because of some unique technology; key individuals who have demonstrable integrity and execution capability; and a business model that is highly scalable and relatively capital efficient. We look for the same competitive advantages in large scale infrastructure projects in the United States and abroad.

Hornblower invests its expertise and capital, specifically in situations where there are significant management, operating or financing issues, and provides the leadership and management skills to take advantage of such turnaround and restructuring opportunities, or other situations with a unique product or business concept. Recently, we are offering bankruptcy and restructuring services to new and existing clients.